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Dear Mr. Sedoris,

The Kentucky Division for Air Quality has reviewed Anchorage Independent's recent AHERA 3-year Re inspection submittal and it is approved. Environmental Health Management has done a commendable job in producing the updated plan.

Since your last 3-year re inspection submittal there has been one change in your plan. There is a 30 dollar review fee for each building that experiences a change in the years prior to submitting a re inspection. Please forward a check for 30 dollars.

Mr. Sedoris, the Division for Air Quality appreciates your ongoing effort in providing the students and emplyees with a safe environment in which to learn and work.

Bruce Cassidy

Kentucky division for air quality

Doug & Joe,
Just a quick note of appreciation for the time, effort, and resources utilized to complete this report for Brightside. Everyone at Brightside is excited to move into our new facility and this is
an important initial step. Please be assured that we will highlight your participation with all parties involved with recycling this facility into a valuable community asset.
Thanks for helping Brightside make Louisville Clean and Green!

Mike Brightside

Board of Directors

Hi Cheri!
The air has been great and no problems with asthma. Thank you so much. We'll never know which
countermeasure did the trick, but the resolution seemed to coincide with closing down that one infected boiler
and cleaning the air filters, which I heard were filthy. We appreciate your outstanding help on this issue.