Indoor Air Quality Investigation

Over the years, our personnel have developed an expertise in performing indoor air quality investigations. Initial baseline testing typically involves collecting temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide levels, screening for microbial growth, and inspecting the ventilation system. Detailed sampling can be performed for total volatile organic carbons at part per billion levels, microbial volatile organic carbons, fungal and bacterial identification, endotoxins, and determination of dust mite, cockroach, and other allergens.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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Air pollutants can significantly affect your health. From carbon monoxide to dust mites, there are several different factors that could affect your indoor air quality. That's why you should schedule air testing services with Environmental Health Management in Louisville, Shelbyville & Shepherdsville, KY.

Our staff will use top-of-the-line equipment to run air quality tests. You'll receive a detailed report about your indoor air quality.

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What to expect from the air testing process

When you hire us for air testing services, our staff will:

  • Visit your home to discuss your air quality issues
  • Use professional-grade tools to collect air samples
  • Screen for microbial growth within the ventilation system
  • Recommend specific services to improve your indoor air quality
You can depend on us to uncover the causes of your air quality problems. Connect with our staff today to make an appointment.