Make Sure Your Fume Hood Is Up to the Latest Safety Standards

Hire us for industrial hygiene testing in Louisville, Shelbyville & Shepherdsville, KY

Is the fume hood at your building performing at top efficiency? The experts at Environmental Health Management can find out for sure. We can certify fume hoods as they're getting manufactured, installed or used. You can trust us to test standard hoods and specialty hoods, including picric acid hoods and downdraft tables.

We can even test your entire laboratory system. Get in touch with us today to schedule your fume hood test in Louisville, Shelbyville & Shepherdsville, KY.

Keep your employees safe from dangerous fumes

Keep your employees safe from dangerous fumes

We'll make sure your hood is operating correctly. Our fume hood testing process includes:

  • Taking hood airflow measurements
  • Reviewing cross draft, thermal effects and room activities
  • Creating an airflow visualization
  • Evaluating VAV hood response times
  • Testing tracer gas

We'll make sure the hood is up to local, state and federal standards. Call us now at 502-454-8530 to learn more about our fume hood testing process.