A Clean Building for a Safe Building

The safety of you and your employees is of paramount importance, and you do everything possible to make sure that all hazards are addressed. But have you taken the time to make sure that the air inside your Louisville, Shelbyville & Shepherdsville, Kentucky work environment is clear of harmful materials? Thousands of work hours are lost to illness. While some of those illnesses may not be avoidable, you may be losing productivity due to undetected hazards that are in your building's air. Don't wait another day to have your Louisville building inspected for materials that could be making you and your employees sick. When you contact Environmental Health Management, you can find out more about contaminants, pathogens and how we approach the abatement process.

Mold Remediation | Mold Restoration 

Mold Investigation & Remediation

If you or those in your building suffer from allergies and frequent sinus infections in Louisville, Shelbyville & Shepherdsville, KY, the problem may not just be outdoor pollen. Mold in the walls and other building materials could be causing a range of illnesses for those breathing your building's indoor air. The only way to know whether there is a problem is to get a proper professional inspection. Get in touch with Environmental Health Management to schedule a visit and inspection.

Asbestos Consulting and Abatement

Louisville, Kentucky's Environmental Health Management works with companies to make sure that any asbestos in the building is handled according to EPA and OSHA standards. As a known carcinogen and the cause of mesothelioma, asbestos should only be handled by licensed professionals. If you suspect that asbestos could be a problem in your building, let Environmental Health Management help you manage the issue. Any number of contaminants and toxins could be making your indoor air hazardous. Learn more about the air in your Louisville, Shelbyville & Shepherdsville area building and how to create a clean air environment by consulting with the professionals at Environmental Health Management. Don't hesitate to call the Louisville, KY, location at 502-454-8530.

Services for Occupational Health in Louisville, Shelbyville & Shepherdsville, KY.

OSHA Training | Industrial Hygiene | Indoor Air Quality Testing

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